Saturday, 2 June 2012

Our latest recruit

We've had a few different incarnations over the past three years, and I may elaborate on our story along the way, but our current lineup consists of....

Pete David: vocals, guitar
Paul Heath: bass
Ben Fuller: drums, vocals
Tom Baxendale: guitar

Tom is the latest Union recruit, joining us a couple of months ago, and is an excellent songwriter in his own right. Tom and I played in bands together about 8-10 years ago, before he disappeared to London for 7 years. His return to Sheffield coincided with us enjoying an extended spell as a three-piece but I was keen to add a further melodic element. He'd played with us a couple of times before - once at an immensely fun warehouse gig in Hackney Wick - and it was a natural fit. Our musical education has been very similar - with much swapping of recommendations - and he's been a big influence on my songwriting. On Thursday night, Tom played at Opus Acoustics at the Riverside and in terms of craft, it was, as it often is, a reminder to me of how to write songs. Check 'em out for yourself here.
This is Tom's old band, The Rainy Day Club, performing at The Gladstone in that London.

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